5 remedies from the native Americans!


Native American medicine has been known for its effectiveness and many traditional remedies are still being used in the modern medicine.

Ritualistic purification

These people weren’t exposed to too many toxins but they still had ritualistic purifications. They consisted of fasting from certain foods for some time or they also used sweat lodge. That was a primitive sauna where they sweated and threw out all the toxins.


They knew the importance of relaxation so they used chamomile tea. This tea has the ability to relax us and they also stopped for a while a had a nice cup of warm tea.

Stress reduction through communal living

They weren’t so stressed because they shared all the tasks with the other people in their community. They gathered food together, prepared food, took care of the children, etc. Today we all want to be superman or superwoman and to do everything alone and this causes us even more stress.


Echinacea tea was widely used by Native Americans. They didn’t know about the immune system but they knew that Echinacea keeps them healthy. Echinacea boosts the immune system and it is the most important thing for our overall health. It is also safe for children and it will protect them from germs and bacteria.

Whole foods

They ate mainly raw and whole food until settlers came and started eating processed foods. Raw and whole foods were the main reasons for their healthiness and long life. Eating raw and whole foods doesn’t mean that you need to be a vegetarian but the meat and the foods they ate weren’t full of chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics.

Source: naturehacks.com

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