The right sleeping position for each problem!



Sleeping is very important part of the human life. It is the time when the body and mind relax and prepares for the next day. During sleep the body regains strength and we are ready for the next day. The position we sleep in is also important especially if we face some health problems.

  • Heartburn

If you have heartburn you should sleep on your left side.

  • Problems with the digestion

If you have problems with the digestion you should also sleep on your left side.

  • Neck problems

Put a small towel under the neck or pillow and this will allow you to sleep better.

  • PMS

Put a pillow under the knees and this will relieve your pain.

  • Hypertension

If you have this condition you should sleep on the stomach faced down and this will definitely help you.

  • Sinus problems

You should elevate your head a bit in order to prevent the mucus from leaking in your sinuses.

  • Headaches

Many headaches are due to neck problems so in order to sleep better but a rolled towel under your pillow or neck and don’t move your head too much.

  • Back pain

Put a towel under your back and a pillow under the knees and this will relieve your pain.

  • Shoulder pain

Sleep on the shoulder that doesn’t hurt you and bent your legs a bit.

Try these sleeping position if you have some of these problems and feel the benefits.


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