How to get rid of the painful hemorrhoids!


Hemorrhoids are a very common problem but not many people want to talk about it. It is a very painful condition but at the same time uncomfortable.

Today we are going to present you some natural methods that can help you to get rid of the hemorrhoids in a completely natural way.

An important ingredient that can help you to reduce the hemorrhoids is rutin. It is a flavonoid that helps in the absorption of vitamin C and it strengthens the blood vessels. And as we already know hemorrhoids are weakened blood vessels. You need to take 500 mg of it every day and to increase the intake of citrus fruits, broccoli, onions, etc.

Another thing that can help you is witch hazel. It has the ability to reduce the hemorrhoids. Simply rub some witch hazel on your hemorrhoids with a cotton ball. Leave it for about 10 minutes.

If you are having hemorrhoids you need to use more delicate cosmetic products and not the ones with strong fragrances. The best thing to use is clean water.

You can also put an ice pack on your hemorrhoids and you will feel immediate relief. Or simply drink your water with some the lemon in the morning, that will also help you.

Hemorrhoids usually appear as a result of constipation, so the best remedy is to have regular bowel movements and in order to achieve that is to pay attention to your diet. Eat foods rich in fiber and drink plenty of water.

If you are overweight that also puts additional pressure on your hemorrhoids and therefore you need to eat a healthier diet and to pay attention to your weight.


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