7 Things You Should Definitely Know About Your Blood Type!


There are four blood types and every person’s blood type is associated with its ancestors. The blood type can tell you which is the best food for you or the best exercises.

The four blood types are A – Agrarian, B – Bavarian, O – Original hunter, and AB the one with the best immune system. Here are some things that are related to your blood type:

The best food for you according to your blood type

A – You should eat vegetarian based food with some yogurt, chicken, and fish. Avoid spicy foods, coffee, and legumes.

B – Eat grains, tea, vegetables, fish, and dairy but avoid alcohol and preservatives.

AB – These people can eat everything but the best choice is fresh organic food.

O – Vegetables, fish, and meat are the best foods for this blood type. Avoid processed food, dairy and don’t overeat.

The personality and the blood type

A – Leaders, efficient, organized, compassionate.

B – Action oriented, friendly, flexible, meditative.

AB – Empathetic, attentive, assertive, practical.

O – Forward thinking, strong, calm, rational.

The way you react to stress

A – You have high cortisol levels and you need some more time to recover from stress. Drink plenty of water if you have this problem.

B – You are usually a calm person but when you become angry or stressed it is very difficult for you to calm down.

AB – You control stress very easily and you can become frustrated very hard. The best way to calm down yourself is by walking.

O – You outburst easily and you can be an angry person. Try controlling your mind and be more peaceful.

Weight gain and the blood type

A – Avoid sugars and fats from meat.

B – Avoid bread and fried foods.

AB – You gain weight from inactivity.

O – You gain weight from eating regularly.

Blood type and RH factor

The RH factor can be positive and negative depending on the D antigen. If the person has it then has a positive RH factor and the opposite. This can lead to complications if a pregnant woman has a negative factor and the baby she carries has positive.

Transfusion and blood type

O – Is a universal donor that receives only from O

B – Receives from O and B and gives to AB and B.

A – Receives from O and A and gives to A and AB

AB – Receives from all the above and gives only to AB.

Blood type and plasma compatibility

O – Receives from all and gives only to O

A – Receives form AB and A and donates to A and O

B – Receives from AB and B and gives to O and B

AB – Receives from AB and gives to all.

Source: dailyhealthcure.com

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