13 mistakes that make you look older!


We all want to look younger than we actually are and as we get older we pay more attention to our age and looks.

Sometimes our clothes and accessories can make us look much older than we actually are and here are some tips how to avoid that:

  • Avoid too much black color. It is very elegant but you won’t look fresh and young in it.
  • The office jacket should be the right size because if it is bigger it will add you a few years.
  • Don’t wear too long skirts, they should be the to the middle of your ankles the most.
  • The bra is very important and if isn’t the right size you will definitely look older than you are.
  • The size of the jeans should follow your silhouette and if they are too big you will look older in them.
  • Your glasses are very important. Avoid geeky glasses if you want to look younger.
  • Jersey fabric can make you look baggy and it won’t show your best shape.
  • Show your neck if you want to look younger. You can also show some appropriate décolletage.
  • The main thing is to feel comfortable in your shoes, so if you choose too high heels and you can’t walk in them, that will definitely make you look older.
  • Avoid scarfs because they will also make you look older.
  • Avoid mom jeans.
  • Avoid too short skirts.
  • Oversized clothes won’t make you look younger.

Follow these tips and you will look forever young.

Source: amindunchained.com

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