4 amazing tips for better bladder health!


We usually destroy the health of our bladder by not using the toilet regularly and storing lager volumes of urine. This can be due to poor bathroom facilities at our work or school, but it leads to sluggish bladder that isn’t able to store the normal amount of urine.

The bladder is only a reservoir that gets the commands from the brain. We should normally empty our bladder on every 2-3 hours. Many people, especially women don’t follow their need to go to the restroom and they wait for more until they empty their bladder. But, keep in mind that regular flushing of the bladder, keeps you from bacteria and infections and overstretched bladder becomes sluggish in time.

Here are some things that can help you if our bladder has become sluggish:

  • Start with a flush

You should drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses per day in order to flush your bladder more often and regularly. If you don’t like the taste of water, then drink some natural juices or lemon water.

  • Pelvic training

You should strengthen your muscles, if you want to have a healthy bladder. Try Kegel exercises, try contracting the pelvic floor muscles and the hold for 10 sec. Relax and perform 10- rep. on every hour.

  • Walk and squat

You need to reach 30 walk and squat a day. This means, you walk 5 steps, stop, then squat. There is no need to do all 30 at once, do 5 in 6 sets.

  • Empty – wait – empty

If you want to have a healthy bladder you need to empty it completely. This isn’t the case with older people and pregnant women. But, you should empty your bladder, wait for a minute and then try emptying it once more. Don’t put any pressure if you can’t empty it again because this can only worsen the situation.

You can have a healthy bladder again in only a few weeks if you follow these simple rules.

Source: bewellhub.com

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