Hide the acne and minimize their appearance!


Acne are a common problem for many people. They can destroy your self-confidence and affect your social life. But, there are many different methods that can help you to hide them.

One pimple isn’t the same as having acne. You shouldn’t squeeze them because they can become inflamed and swollen, so you will worsen your condition. You must keep your face clean constantly and you can hide them with makeup.


You must keep in mind that your skin should be well moisturized to prevent the acne from coming out through the coverage. A powder or a found that matches your skin won’t be enough.


Use a blue or a green tinged cover stick before you apply the foundation. The undertone of the skin is blue or green so, this will help you to cover the redness.


Apply some primer to your skin before you apply the foundation. Apply the cover stick then the primer. The foundation should be the same color as your natural skin tone. But, you can also use one tone darker in order to cover up your acne better.


The powder will keep the foundation in place and it will give you another layer of coverage. It can be one tone brighten than your skin tone to lighten up the foundation which is one tone darker.

Touch up

During the hot summers you will need a touch up when you go out. Reapplication means the same process as the above without the cleaning and the primer.

Follow these steps and your face will look smooth and without any pimples or acne.

Source: awaywithacne.net

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