5 tips form Sandi on how to lose 200 pounds!


At one point in her life Sandi had 410 pounds. This prevented her from having a normal and happy life. She couldn’t do even the most usual and normal everyday activities and then she realized that she had to make some changes in her life.

It wasn’t easy but she managed to lose many pounds and she was happy and healthy again. Here are the 5 steps that helped her with that:

  • Read on your partner
  • Let your friends support you and tell them your progress
  • Create an Inspired Table
  • Sign up for a dance or aerobics class
  • Eat plenty of vegetables

Check the before and after photos and see her amazing achievement:

  1. Many people are worried about the excess skin after you lose so many pounds but for Sandi it was more important to lose weight and she didn’t care about the excess skin.
  2. She still looked like a big person but she reminded herself how far she has come.
  3. Before she lost some weight, she wore only sweatshirts no matter how hot or cold it was. She also hated taking pictures of herself. She started taking pictures after she lost the first 30 pounds.
  4. She took the control over her mind. It wasn’t easy but she succeeded to lose over 200 pounds.
  5. She needed 21 months to lose that much weight but she is happy and healthy now.
  6. She found three hobbies, one to make money, one to be creative, and one to keep her in shape.
  7. She never forgot to give herself a day off. She found the right balance between living her life and living healthy. She read, enjoyed fitness, made art, etc.
  8. When she had difficulties to follow her routine, she just saw a picture of her and how far she has come.
  9. It wasn’t easy, it was hard, but anyone can do it. Don’t give up!

Source: naturalhealthpus101.com

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