What happens if you change your underwear every day!


It is very important to pay attention to our personal hygiene and this includes changing our underwear every day. Damp and moisture environments are the best conditions for bacteria and microbes, therefore, our underwear should be changed every day in order to protect ourselves and to be healthy.

Here are some things that might happen to you if you are not changing your underwear every day:

  • Scratching

The underwear is full of microbes and bacteria and when we wear them for longer periods of time these microbes and bacteria transfer on our skin and this causes excessive scratching.

  • Rashes

Rashes are another thing that might appear due to not changing your underwear regularly. But, the worst thing is that these rashes can turn into open wounds.

  • Bad smell

If you haven’t changed your underwear recently this also means that you haven’t taken a bath. This leads to bad smell as a result of too many bacteria and microorganism.

  • Diseases

These microbes and bacteria can cause many diseases such as vaginal infection and illnesses. But, it is very important to wear also cotton underwear because other materials make you sweat more and cause additional problems.

  • Urinary tract diseases

Except for vaginal infections these microbes and bacteria can also cause UTIs. And, what is more, these UTIs can even lead to kidney disease.

So, keep in mind all these things and change your underwear every day in order to protect yourself and to stay healthy. If you are exercising, then you should change it even more often.

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