Things that in-loved men adore in their women!


When a man loves a woman he adores some things in her and she isn’t even aware of that. Here are some of the things that a man loves in his woman:

  • Sense of humor

That is something that all men adore. Even if you are making some dumb jokes, your man will love them and smile.

  • Clear view

A man loves when his woman has a clear view. She is real about the future and has a clear plan. This means that he can lean on her, if he is lost.

  • Physical contact

Men also love being physical. They adore when their girl puts her arms and hug them or gently kisses them on the cheeks in public.

  • Secret glances

This makes men feel more attractive and that is the reason why they love when you secretly look at them.

  • Funny gestures

Some things such as playing with your hair, laughing, or crinkling the nose can be very attractive to men. Therefore, they adore when you are making some of those funny gestures.

  • Respectful

Men feel superior when you talk with a low voice and soft to them. They want to be treated with respect and this shows them that you respect them.

  • Sensitive

Men love shy, sensitive, and reserved women.

  • Emotional strength and independence

Men don’t like insecure women, they want women who have self-confidence, are independent, and emotionally strong.

  • Improved looks

The physical look is also very important to men. They love when their woman looks beautiful and attractive.

  • An attractive body

Every man adores an attractive body and therefore, they love when their woman is physically active and has a healthy and attractive body.

  • Brains and beauty

Men want beautiful and intelligent women; they want to have a partner who can support them and give them an advice when they need.

  • Loving names

Men also love when their woman calls them darling or sweetheart.



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