The Suitable Sleeping Position for 9 Different Health Problems


Our sleep is important for our overall health but we must find the best sleeping position for every health problem.

Here are the best sleeping positions for different health issues:

  • Back pain

If you are suffering from back pain, you need to sleep on your back and put a rolled up towel under the back, under the curve and pillow under the knees.

  • Shoulder pain

Bend your knees a bit and avoid sleeping on the painful side. You should also place one pillow between the knees and on the chest.

  • Sinus trouble

If you have problems with your sinuses you need to sleep with your head slightly elevated and this will prevent the mucus from going into your sinuses.

  • Headaches

If you aren’t sleeping in the proper position you can even increase your headache. So, surround the head with pillows to avoid twisting the neck.

  • Neck pain

Put a rolled up towel under the pillowcase or under your neck and you will improve the condition of your neck.

  • PMS

Your spine shouldn’t be arched so you should put a pillow between your knees.

  • High blood pressure

Sleeping with your face down will help you to reduce the elevated blood pressure. But, if you a suffering from really high blood pressure you should definitely visit your doctor.

  • Digestion problems

If you have digestive issues, you should try sleeping on your left side. This will help you to improve the digestion and you will feel better.

  • Heartburn

This is another problem that can be solved if you sleep on the left side.

Sleep better and improve your overall health!


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