An amazing trick that will help you to fall asleep in 60 seconds!


Many people have problems falling asleep and they wake up tired every morning. Therefore, one doctor, who practice meditation and breathing, has created a method, that has become very popular.

This method will help you to reduce stress and to fall asleep very easy.

“4-7-8” Breathing Trick

At first, you might find this technique silly and not useless but if you try it out you will notice the beneficial effect that it has.

This method will slow down your heart rate and help the body to release some chemicals in the brain that will help you to fall asleep. It will also reduce the stress level and counteract the natural effects of the adrenaline.

At first, you may feel uncomfortable but you will get used to it very fast and easy.

Inhale with your nose for 4 seconds and hold your breath for 7 seconds. Then breathe out through your mouth for 8 seconds. Repeat this method four times.


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