The length of this finger can discover your personality!


We can tall a lot about one person by looking at the hands. The length of a person’s index finger can tell a lot about its personality. Look at the picture and see if you are type A, B, or C.

Type A

You are an introvert person, who doesn’t tell the feeling and the thoughts to everyone. You are also reserved and you don’t share your emotions. Therefore, people think that you are an independent and strong person.

You are a very loyal person especially to your close ones and you expect the same in return. You hate lies and hypocrisy.

You are reserved and cold to people you don’t know and you can even be arrogant and eccentric. Therefore, your gold heart can see only your closest ones. You

Type B

You are one sensitive and loyal person and when you fell in love the other person is everything to you and you do everything for him or her.

You are scared of being hurt so you have a shield that protects you and you don’t give too much to other people.

You work hard and you are very committed to your school, work, family, and everything in life, therefore you can be successful in everything.

One of your main qualities is that you can remain calm in every situation.

Type C

You are a person full of life that is very optimistic and don’t hold grudges. You forgive very easily and you don’t have a place for negativity in your heart.

But, sometimes you can be egocentric and demanding especially with someone that knows you very good.

It isn’t hard for you to apologize when you know that you aren’t right. You are a straightforward person and you value other people’s opinions and feelings.

When it comes to emotions you are very reserved and you don’t share them easily. You also love being secure and you stay away from the unknown.


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