Eat two eggs per day and feel the amazing benefit to your body!


Eggs are a great food especially for people who want to lose some weight. Some studies have shown that there are many benefits to the body if you eat two eggs per day.

You will lose some weight

If you eat two eggs for breakfast you will satisfy your hunger and they will give you enough energy for the day. In this way, you will lose some extra weight.

The calcium will be better absorbed due to the vitamin D

The eggs are rich in vitamin D, which is very important for a proper function of the whole body. It has the same amount of vitamin D as one spoon of fish oil has and it has better taste.

You will improve the work of your brain

Phospholipids vitamins are most important for a proper function of the brain and the eggs are a great source of them.

You will slow down the aging

It will reduce your wrinkles by 90% and this has been already proven.

They can help women to get pregnant easier

One egg has 7 mg of vitamin B9 which is very important for hormonal balance and it can help a woman to get pregnant easier.

You will improve your vision

The biotin and the vitamin B12 are of great importance for the health of your skin and hair while the phospholipids protect the liver.

Your skin, hair, and liver will be protected

The lutein is the most important ingredient that protects the vision and the eggs are rich in it.

You will reduce the chances of malignancy

The choline reduces the risk of malignancy especially breast cancer by 15%.

You will improve the work of the cardiovascular system

Last but not least is their ability to improve the work of the cardiovascular system. They are rich in omega 3 acids, lower the level of triglycerides and bad cholesterol.


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