Men who are with plus-size women are happier, science says!


One study made at the National Autonomous University in Mexico says that men who are married or in a relationship with plus-size and curvy women are happier than the ones who are with skinny and slim women.

This study also showed that these men smile more often and solve their problems easier and faster. Women who are chubby satisfy their men’s needs better because men love chubby women with fat rolls and extra side boobs.

Chubby women are a synonym of reproduction and health.

10 reasons why men who are with chubbier women are happier:

  • They don’t pressure their partners to be fit
  • They eat what they want
  • You can buy them chocolate and they will be happy with it
  • They are funnier
  • They hug better than skinny women
  • They cook better because they love food
  • They are literally and figuratively sweeter
  • There is more love
  • They are foodies

Chubby women are labeled as unhealthy and unattractive but this isn’t the truth. They are happy and attractive and can make their partners happier.


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