The Japanese morning diet will make you lose some weight fast and easy!


Hitoshi Watanabe has written the book “The morning banana diet” and this book has become a hip all around the world.

The methods for weight loss are amazing and extremely effective. You won’t need to make any dietary changes and the only thing is to introduce bananas in your diet and drink plenty of water.

This method was invented by his wife and he wrote her experience in a book.

The only thing that you should do is to eat a banana every morning, immediately after you wake up and one glass of water which will stimulate your metabolism.  You can eat whatever you like for lunch, but you must pay attention to the portion sizes.

Bananas boost the function of the gastrointestinal tract and help in the process of weight loss. They are rich in potassium and fiber and contain many other health benefits.

Another rule is to eat 80/20 which mean that you should eat 80% of the meal. You should also wait for 20 minutes after you have eaten the banana before eating something else.

Avoid milk and alcohol and don’t eat after 8 pm. You can eat everything during the day.

You should also drink plenty of water and limit the dairy intake. This diet will energize your body and boost your metabolism. It is perfect for everyone and you will lose some weight fast and easy.

You will also improve your overall health and have some long-lasting results.


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